iTRACE WestYorkshire

iTRACE is an innovation in Travel Plan Management Software, developed by iBase Systems Ltd and WESTTRANS with funding from Transport for London. It provides a centralised software suite designed to monitor and report on the performance of Workplace and School Travel Plans, offering quicker, easier Travel Planning, Assessment, Auditing and Forecasting. Local Authorities can now share Travel Plan data.

Originally rolled out across all 33 London boroughs in 2005, now available to Local Authorities throughout the UK. The new Web enabled version of iTRACE uses the latest Internet technology - no software to install, just use your web browser.

iTRACE delivers:

  • Sophisticated mapping & database technology
  • Fast & simple access to information including adding and editing details
  • Geo-location of organisations on a map
  • Easy attachment of documents & related data to sites
  • Predefined reports
  • Analysis of individual Travel Plans against targets, planning conditions and obligations
  • Workplace access to Site Audit & Staff Survey tool
  • Online Site Audits
  • Online or paper based staff surveys
  • A Standard methodology
  • Draft Travel Plan Reports automatically

By ensuring that a robust, standardised approach is applied to the whole Travel Plan process, iTRACE will for the very first time allow like for like comparisons on Travel Plan data – from one year to the next, from one organisation to the next, from one borough/LA to the next. iTRACE is the new nationwide benchmark for data collection, management and reporting.